Hide you there where only I can see you.

300.000,00 CZK - 320.000,00 CZK

Please note that each piece is original and the production time is 3 months.

Technique: Engraved semi-permeable mirror plate, milled steel legs, milled marble slab, metal construction, powder coating
Dimensions: 85 x 105 x 42 cm
Dated: 2021
Edition: Limited - 10 pc

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Please note each piece is original. Therefore, it can be tailored to your preferences - either in terms of material or craft.

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We want to put the most important things to us in a special place. Where they will be safe, but where we can still remember them by having a good view of them. With this motif in mind, the artist has created an airy object that will keep your treasures safely in sight and with reverence. The floral motifs engraved on the clear glass walls of the cabinet take the engraving out of its classical use and dimensions.

"Lately, I've been living in my own glass universe in which I cruise like an astronaut. My goal was to combine contemporary lifestyle and modern design with a material that expands selflessly in space but doesn't weigh it down."

Elis Monsport


A vision, a sketch, research, and a mapping of the topic are the beginning of each creative process. Important steps for this development were the mapping of contemporary and historical cabinets, textures and patterns.

Data preparation for laser, milling machine, and water jet followed. It was necessary to develop the processing of the metal structure to the detail, which ended up looking more like a watchmaking work rather than a technical drawing of said cabinet. 

The secondary steps were prototyping and testing out various textures and predesigned patterns, trying out work procedures on selected materials and elaborating on engravings on a 1:1 scale.

To engrave large scale, I had to find a way to comfortably engrave glass areas larger than 1 meter. For this purpose, I used an old cast iron drawing table, which I enhanced with a help of a locksmith, and added a water drain and wheels for easier manipulation.

I chose semi-permeable mirror for the walls of the cabinet, due to its slightly silvery to nacrous appearance with a slight mirror effect. This allows me to frolic with the engraving through the metallized layer and thus create greater contrasts between the mirror surface and the engraved decor.

The construction which was made with a bit of help from a skilled locksmith was utilised as a frame for the engraved plates. That was finished by a marble slab with milled grooves and pinholes for anchoring glass and metal structures. The weight of the whole cabinet is carried by milling-shaped legs made of solid material.