Elis Monsport

Eliška Monsportová - founder of the Elis Monsport brand

is a multidisciplinary artist and designer who focuses on the complexity of glass engraving.

She was born in 1996 and studied in the glass studio at UMPRUM under the guidance of Rony Plesl, and her greatest inspiration was the selflessness and authenticity of nature, landscapes, rocks and textures, which she blends into her works using various craft techniques.

Elisa's work speaks to us trought its stories, artistic-craftsmanship and the uniqueness of each object - she makes almost everything as unique and unrepeatable pieces or series of small pieces. If you buy a vase from her, it is certain that no one will ever have the same one again.

She likes to travel, she doesn't sketch so much anymore, she visualizes designs in her head on the road, preferably in the mountains.

Mountains and travel are her inspiration. She differs from other glassmakers in the entire production process - she designs, creates forms, lays glass, engraves glass herself.

"I place great emphasis on the complexity of objects and their technical side. Process is a very important part of development for me. Mainly because I enjoy watching the transformation of materials, forms and visual aspects. But I also love the satisfaction that comes from working with my hands.”

A large part of Elisa's work is based on collaboration with brands or making custom-made works of art and objects. He can sense you perfectly and create for you exactly what you need. Starting with design pieces for your interior or large-scale engravings, which in cooperation with an architect can become an integral part of your home.

Her work is specific and special, she often works with mirrors and engraving. 

Why engraving?

A traditional craft technique, somewhat underrated. Elis found potential in her and is trying to get her into the art sector, which is somewhat more profitable than craft.

For her, the engraving is a bit of a meditation, a way to get the drawing into the glass. A very physically demanding meditation. Engraving in glass is not exactly the easiest technique and takes dozens of hours.

The large-scale engraving of the walls is completely unique, which no one does.

Why mirrors?

An artistic but functional object at the same time. Bearer of memories, timeless, heirloom and family object. Especially when we see each other in it. She likes to work here with the border between artistic and used things.

2024 – Collectible - The fair for 21st century design

2023 – Designblock 2023

2022 – Art House/ Designblock 2022

2018 – Colours of Transparency glass exhibition at London Design Fair

2018 – Glassfest – 18. Art glass Festival, Karlovy Vary

2017 – Prague NOW!, Clam-Gallas palace, Prague

2017 – Czech design Week (Spring), Prague

2016 – MANIFESTO, Palazzo Clerici – Milan

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