At the reflection of the expanding jungle, I gasped;
that was when 
emotions in the air were waiting to be grasped
and for a moment I believed again
in the beauty
and pain
that goes with it

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Technique: Engraved stainless steel 'wings', High polished 'moon' mirror, 1 primary oval mirror, 2 parallel semi-oval mirrors on the inner side of the wings, forged components
Dimensions: 69 x 98 cm
Dated: 2019
Edition: Limited - 10 pc

A mirror in a historical triptych style with engraved details of a greenhouse and organic floral motifs reflecting the symbiotic coexistence of nature and man.

"If you want to see the reflection of the human greatness, you will find it in this mirror. Literally! I can even see myself! And I am 6'3" tall."

Elis Monsport