Embodiment of a forbidden place that hides all the secrets of the world. Even yours.

180.000,00 CZK - 200.000,00 CZK

Please note that each piece is original and the production time is 3 months.

Technique: Hand-engraved glass, plated engraving, engraved polished steel, milled steel legs, bent sheet metal
Dimensions: 170 x 25 x 30 cm
Dated: 2021
Edition: Limited - 10 pc

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Please note each piece is original. Therefore, it can be tailored to your preferences - either in terms of material or craft.

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A return to the Art Deco craft and the tradition of Rudolphine Prague, which these rare mannerist cabinets of curiosities represent. They embody the extended application possibilities in large-scale engraving combined with the artist's typical "wildflower" textures. Let the aura of mystery and enigma absorb you.

"I can't help but get reminded of a UFO on stilts from a sci-fi movie. It's like Pandora's box for every secret or treasure such as lingerie, delicate photographs, a favourite tie or perfume."

Elis Monsport