I'll engrave my love for you into stone with breath.

Each vase is gift-wrapped in a handmade paper box.

Technique: Glass blown into a plaster mould
Dimensions: 17 x 14 x 14 cm 
Dated: 2020
Edition: Limited, 40 pc

White Matt

Stone fossils of beach-shaped plants blown into vases, mirrored in the varied colours of nature. That is the main idea behind this vase which is "engraved inside out". The decor is first engraved and modelled on one prototype, then formed and multiplied with wax and plaster moulds. Each colour then reflects the natural elements and therefore its essence, which speaks back to the personality of its owner.

"For this vase, I created a process for reproducing the engraving in an unusual "reverse" way. The vase resembles a fossil of primordial plants and indeterminate shapes." 

Elis Monsport