Large-scale engraving as a divider element in architecture.

A unique and special technique that has no representation in the world.

The engraved image carries the light and envelops the room in shadows.

The price starts at 150.000,00 CZK/m2 and varies according to the size and range of requirements.

Please note that each piece is original and the production time depends on the complexity of the decor.

Material: Engraved glass
Dimensions: 200 cm (height), 80 cm (width)
Dated: 2023
Edition: Original

When time and shadows are dancing waltz 
That's when
I feel the warmth of the sun
hand in hand with cold they come
that's the touch of a flower's shadows
and all the unspoken wishes
of trees

A work of art and craft in the form of a large-scale engraving as part of the house. An imaginary garden of paradise made of shapes, textures and dreamlike plants that dances through your house and thus becomes a portal to another dimension that comes to life with light and creates shadow games. Connect with nature outside your window.

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