A world that I'll dream out of memory fragments.

50.000,00 CZK - 60.000,00 CZK

Please note that each piece is original and the production time is 6 weeks.

Technique: Glass blown into stone, a combination of oxides, flat tempered glass
Dimensions: 42 x 57 x 52 cm
Dated: 2018
Edition: Each piece original

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Please note each piece is original. Therefore, it can be tailored to your preferences - either in terms of material or craft.

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A combination of a smooth, geometrically pure glass surface that is balancing on an organic shape with a rough texture. Pedestal, which can be used not only as a small designer coffee table, captures the artist's fragmented approach to creation and recalls her dream world.

"My sketch was an elaborate lithographic collage. Each piece is blown into stones that never have the same conditions. It's like composing a rock garden for a single flower."

Elis Monsport