A full-ornament vase that comes alive with light and plays with shadows. Let it dance through each of your days.

Each vase is gift-wrapped in a handmade paper box.

One of a kind. An original that will never be repeated. Each vase has its own unique, unrepeatable pattern.

Technique: Hand-blown glass, hand-engraved glass 
Dimensions: 27 x 14 x 14 cm 
Dated: 2020
Edition: Limited - Each one is original

You don't always need to imprint ink into your skin to make an experience truly memorable. Letting your emotion engrave into the glass is quite all you need.

Inspired by nature's floral motifs, textures and dreamscapes, each vase is an original which involves dozens of hours of patient handwork. A form of meditation, the creation process then brings a kinetic sense of calm and natural order to your home.

"Since I engrave all my own decors, I gravitate towards organic shapes and natural textures that are easy to work with and flattering to engrave. It's the only way I'm able to add vibrancy, playfulness and the desired depth to the decoration.”

Elis Monsport